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Sticky Kisses

on September 8, 2012

Ha. Try getting those kisses off.

Sticky kisses in our house aren’t kisses that leave you sticky.

Ok, that is lie. Sometimes sticky kisses do leave you physically sticky. You know, kids are gross and all.

Anyway, here’s the story of Sticky Kisses:

K hit that age. The age when little boys think kisses from their mommies are gross and perpetually try to wipe them off. As soon as your plant one on them, they are wiping. It happens around the same time that boogers become awesome, farts become hilarious, and dirt becomes the coolest thing ever. For K I think this happened around 2 years.

One day I was holding K down and attacking him with kisses, as all good moms do, and I came up with an idea. I told him I was going to give him special kisses that would stick forever. I kissed all over his face and then blew on it to “make the kisses dry”. I told him that he could wipe and wipe but they would be stuck forever.

He started calling them sticky kisses. Now our whole family is in on it. He exchanges sticky kisses with his Nonna and Nana. Even Baby E expects us to blow on her after kisses. We do get weird looks occasionally when we blow on our kids faces after kissing them, but we also get weird looks because our son wears a clip on bow tie almost everyday. You get used to it.

Does your family have any fun little traditions?

4 responses to “Sticky Kisses

  1. myssmeowl says:

    OMG You know who else wore a clip on bow tie? Problem Child.

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