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Still Alive- I Promise

December has been a long hard month. My grandmother is doing better but now baby E has pneumonia and a double ear infection.

We did manage to have a white Christmas in Texas and tomorrow is my 5 year wedding anniversary.

The Millers will be back on the blog scene soon! Hope you all had a great holiday season!


To Infinity and Beyond

I was cleaning the living room and suddenly I heard wailing from the kids bathroom. K runs out clearly distressed with wet hands.

Picture a sobbing 3 year old telling this story.

“I don’t ba-weeve it! I just don’t ba-weeve dis! Buzz is gone!”

“What happened?”

“Buzz flushed down the toilet!”

“Your little Buzz Lightyear?”

“Yes!! I don’t ba-weeve it. He’s goooooone!!!”

“Why was Buzz in the toilet?”

“He flew in there and I flushed it. I don’t ba-weeve it!”

“Why did you flush him?”

“Because I tried to catch him but he was goooone!”

“You flushed it and then tried to catch him? You stuck your hands in the potty?”

“Yes, but I missed him and he’s gone! I don’t ba-weeve it!”

We scrubbed down his hands and had a long conversation about what goes in the toilet and what doesn’t. Later I caught him talking to his toy…

“Hi Power Ranger Guy. I will play with you because you are a toy. I won’t flush you down the toilet because you aren’t pee. I promise.”

He cracks me up. It was heart breaking and hilarious at the same time. It was a very small action figure but I refused to flush that toilet again until Andy was home. I wasn’t taking any chances on Buzz bringing back unspeakable horrors from the beyond.

Thank you all for being patient with me this week. My grandma is in the hospital. E is teething. The internet is having issues. We have practices and family events out the wazoo. We are working on cabinets for the “Old House”. I’m also making almost all our gifts at home this year. I promise I’ll catch up on reading all your amazing blogs soon! Here are a few pictures from the past couple weeks…

E with seven bows on her head:


K and E visiting the big man in red:


My sweet niece’s birthday:


The car show:



Making cool crayons:


Have a blessed holiday season! I’ll be on when possible. I love Christmas but I think I need a holiday from the holiday season.


Still Alive

Just dropping by to let everyone know that I’m still alive. Prepping for the holiday, teething, tantrums, good books, family time, and subbing have all drastically cut in on my blogging and Internet time. I’ll have a real post soon. Stay safe and warm!

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