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I just didn’t know…

on September 10, 2012

E is teething again.

For those without kids, teething is awful. It doesn’t just make their little mouths hurt. They’re irritable. They drool. Their little noses get runny. They can get a fever. They bite and chew on everything (even you). Oh, and it even effects their poop.

I’m not sure what those darn teeth are doing in there to cause so much chaos, but they give E diaper issues.

This morning I was changing one of these troubled diapers when K announces that he needs to poop. He yells that he is done and I tell him to go ahead and wipe himself.

When I walk by the bathroom to check on him and wash my hands from E’s change I see it. He is covered in gross. Up his back, on his hands, streaking the toilet…

I had to clean him up and give him a shower while E voiced her displeasure of being left in the living room.

I had no idea before kids how important poop would become. It gives you a window into your child’s health and if their diet is balanced. You deal with it everyday, several times a day.

I just didn’t know.

If you ever wonder why parents talk about their kids’ gross bodily functions so much; this is why. They can’t escape it. You deal with something enough and it is bound to find its way into conversation. Other parents tend to gladly talk poop with you. Non-parents look at you like you just grew another head.

Sorry for posting about poop but I was reminded of today’s horror story when I was getting K ready for bed. I looked into his sink and found a few flecks of dried yuck from earlier.


I failed today. At one point I vacuumed but you can’t tell anymore. There is goldfish cracker dust in the dining room. Dishes out the wazoo. A toy explosion in the living room. I Just (re)cleaned the bathroom but I still have a giant pile of laundry to fold…

Warning: Teething also causes parental irritability.

My shining moment of redemption today was hearing K excitedly talk about his first time at AWANAS last night. He sang Jesus Loves Me all day and memorized his first memory verse lesson. He also wanted to learn the Pledge of Allegiance, which he kept calling “that Captain America thing”.

Maybe I didn’t totally fail today.


Music time at AWANAS. K is in the green plaid at the back. He LOVED it.

2 responses to “I just didn’t know…

  1. myssmeowl says:

    Love that he calls it the Captain America thing. I’m gonna call it that too

    • You should. It is funny, he has never actually watched a super hero movie but he knows they are cool. He picked out Avengers underpants and talk about how For (Thor), Captain America, and That Robot Guy (Iron Man) save people. He also loves Batman. “He’s a bat guy and he saves people and stops the bad guys!”

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