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Liebster Award

on July 28, 2013

liebster award pic


I am honored to have my first blogger award! I was skeptical of blogging awards when I first started, but I’ve found them to be a fun way to introduce people to exciting new blogs. It is an opportunity to pay it forward to other bloggers and give their words wings. Thank you so much Winding Road for the nomination!

You answer 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you:

1. What book are you currently reading? Any good?

Currently the only books I am reading are Star Wars ABCs and Goodnight Moon… every day. Several time a day. There are only so many times you can care that C is for C3PO. I did just finish the Beautiful Creatures series and it was pretty good. ๐Ÿ™‚

2. What is your favorite chore? Obviously none are fun, but there is always one that gives great satisfaction.

Washing cloth diapers is a good one. I throw them in, lay them out to dry, and *tada!* I have instantly clean, usable diapers without venturing into the dreaded Walmart. Vacuuming is nice too. It means I have moved enough toys to see the floor again.

3. What song would be the soundtrack to your life?

Pressing On by Relient K. I feel like it sums up life well. You just have to keep moving on.

4. What is the first thing you do after you put your child(ren) to bed at night?

Breathe a deep sigh of relief and sit in the quiet for a few minutes. Sometimes it is followed by straightening the house. Sometimes it is followed by ice cream… because I’m pregnant and I can.

5. What is your sign and do you think it fits you?

I am a Cancer. It does fit me for the most part. I’m not crazy big on astrology though.

6. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Ha! Um, currently I have salted caramel in my freezer, but my all time favorite ice cream is the cake batter ice cream from Coldstone Creamery. It is the best ever. I just really like ice cream this pregnancy, and since I have been loosing weight instead of gaining, I don’t feel bad about indulging that craving.

7. Have you ever regifted a present and what was it?

Sadly, yes. I am super sensitive to most dyes and perfumes in lotions and body washes. So I tend to hoard gifted girly things to stick into gift baskets or as stocking stuffer fillers.

8. Can you hula hoop?

Ha ha ha… No. I’m almost 8 months pregnant and a “fluffy” mom. I could probably balance a kid sized hula hoop on my baby bump mountain…

9. Describe your last dream.

I had a dream the other day that my “Flash” (as in the super hero) t-shirt was converted into a nursing top. It made me laugh… and kind of wish that were possible. I think my body is gearing up for nursing.

10. What was your favorite thing to play as a kid?

I loved taking little bits of cloth, strings, and other random things and making them into doll clothes. Not sewing, just strategic tying and tucking. My love of ghetto rigging/MacGuyver-ing started early.

11. Have you ever milked a cow?

I have not, but I did bottle feed a calf at my grandparents’ farm.

11 Random facts about myself.

1. At one point I wanted to go into forensics… but you kind of need to be good at math and science-y things. I was ok at those, but not enough to want to take all the extra math courses. I ended up with a degree in Social Work and a minor in Criminal Justice.

2. My husband and I started dating two weeks into college and have been together ever since. It has been 10 years this August.

3. My best friend’s little girl shares a birthday with my E. So we have birthday buddies that are exactly one year apart.

4. I like reading young adult fiction/fantasy. (Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson, etc.)

5. Because of K, I have to pretend to be one or more character from Star Wars at least 5 times a day.

6. My first car was soccer mom station wagon. I was, in fact, the only kid at my school with a station wagon. Said station wagon got tagged “Shaggin’ Wagon” almost weekly. There was no “shaggin” going on the soccer mom wagon.

7. I am a band nerd for life. I started playing clarinet in the 6th grade and continued through college. Many of my closest friends and best memories come from band life. I am also an Alumni of Tau Beta Sigma (band sorority).

8. I live in black yoga pants or capris when I’m at home.

9. I like true crime shows. My husband often asks if we can watch something ‘happy’ instead.

10. I live in Texas, but I’ve never been to Mexico. I have, however, been to Canada twice.

11. When listing medical history, I get to put “ulna reduction” under my surgeries list. I broke my wrist as a child and it stunted the growth of my radius. I later had a piece taken out of my ulna to make my wrist and hand sit evenly.

11 Nominees for the Award: Some of my favorites, some close friends, and some newer ones I find interesting.

1. Fort Worth Belle
2. Motherhood is an Art
3. Mom Times 4
4. Atlanta Mom of Three
5. The Sadder but Wiser Girl
6. Shephardology
7. Raising 5 Kids with Disabilities and Staying Sane
8. littlepoppits
9. Live and Learn
10. A Homeschool Mom
11. generation(n)

11 Questions for My Nominees

1. What has been your favorite pet ever?

2. If you could sit down for coffee with one author (dead or alive) who would it be? (Why?)

3. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

4. Where is the coolest place you’ve ever been?

5. If you had to make a mission statement for your life, what would it be?

6. Favorite pizza toppings?

7. What is your oddest talent?

8. How did you get into blogging?

9. Would you rather sky dive or eat a roach?

10. If you could “play God” and make a new creature, what would it be?

11. What is the top rule in your house?

Those of you I tagged now get to answer my questions, list your 11 random things, nominate 11 blogs, and make them questions! Don’t forget to put the picture a the the top! I’m excited to read your responses.

11 responses to “Liebster Award

  1. momtimes4 says:

    I am a band nerd for life too!!!! I play clarinet – I actually teach clarinet and play in a symphony. Band nerds are awesome. Thanks for the nod. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I did the same thing as a kid fashioning my own doll clothes out of scraps of fabric and now my daughter does the same thing. Sometimes she’ll bring out a doll she has “dressed” and I just laugh because it looks pretty hideous but I know that she thinks it looks absolutely beautiful because I did the same thing! Also thank you so much for nominating me! I really appreciate it!

  3. fortworthbelle says:

    Thanks for the nomination lady! I’m working on my post now. =)

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