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Spooktacular Bows

on October 24, 2012

How about some more fun Halloween craft ideas?

Every loyal reader, friend, and family member knows my love of felt bows and bow ties. I decided to try something new for the season…

Spooktacular Bows

You’ll need:
•Felt (orange, black, white, brown, and green for the ones I made)
•Tulle (purple)
•Alligator clips
•Hot Glue
•Laurie Berkner DVD to distract children (optional but reccomended)

Step 1: Cut two strips or felt. About these relative sizes to your clip. (Me measure things? Ha!)

Step two: Cut a small triangle out of each end of your bottom layer piece.

Step 3: Put a line of hot glue in the middle of the longer piece/top layer and fold the sides to the middle.

Step 4: Pinch the middle in and put it on your bottom layer. There should be enough hot glue leaking out of the seam to make it stay.

Step 5: cut out a small triangle on the top and bottom of the bottom layer as shown.

Step 6: Use a felt strip or ribbon for the middle and glue alligator clip on the back.


These are pretty cute as is…


For tulle bottom layer: Wrap a few layers of tulle around your fingers, tie it with thread in the middle, and cut through the loops. Do the top layer the same.



I embellished my finished bows with a felt pumpkin and ghost. I just cut out the shapes- orange pumpkin, brown stem, green leaf, and white ghost. For the ghost face I used a sharpie.

How cute are these?


7 responses to “Spooktacular Bows

  1. Oh, those ARE absolutely adorable!! Iris will definitely love this project!!! Thanks for posting!

  2. Oh! too cute… thanks for sharing… from your previous post, I was wondering how to do them! 🙂 really nice

  3. auntie k says:

    So cute and simple! Love the purple one!

  4. […] Andy shaved his beard into a mustache and dressed up as his dad. I wore one of my homemade bows. […]

  5. […] It turned out well for a first run but is a tad big for E. I think I will give this one to my niece and make a smaller version for E. I bet it would be cute with little google eyes but I had rhinestones handy. You can check out our other felt bow projects here, here, and here. […]

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