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E’s Birth Story

on August 9, 2012

This is the birth story of my 10 month old daughter, E. It is about birth, so reader discretion is advised.

When my son was born I ended up losing an ovary to rare type of cyst. It was discovered during my emergency c-section. I found out that I had a chance of developing the same type of cyst on the other ovary, so I should not wait more than a couple years before trying for another child.

When my son was one and half we decided it was time. We went off of birth control and decided to let everything run it’s course. We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary in December and found out we were expecting in January.

Telling our families that were were expecting baby #2!

This time I went with the doctor who had preformed our c-section. He was familiar with my odd condition and had been caring and friendly during our follow-up appointments with K.

I am all for VBAC deliveries, but due to my condition, we chose to have another c-section. Our doctor wanted to check my remaining ovary for any signs of tumors developing. Strangely, this pregnancy was treated much less high risk than my first.

At 36 weeks I started having problems with pregnancy hypertension again. I was placed on bed-rest for the last two and half weeks of my pregnancy and my c-section was scheduled for 39 weeks.

I went in that morning at 6 am for prep. On the way to the hospital I asked Andy if was ready to have a little girl.

“I guess so, the only thing I know about little girls is that bows go on the head and apparently ruffles go on the butt… Oh, and you always wipe down.”

I love that sweet, funny man. We were nervous but it was so much better knowing more about how it would go.

This time I knew I wanted an anesthesiologist to do my IV and I was spared blown out veins. I went into surgery at 8:30 am and she was born at 9:06 am. Everything about this birth was smoother. I didn’t throw up. I didn’t have any ovary issues. It was amazing how much better this birth was than my first. I was more confident in myself. I had resolved to make my wishes known and make the best of a repeat c-section.

First photo with E.

My fist picture with E. I don’t look drugged this time!

I was able to nurse her with-in minutes of being put back in the recovery room and my family was able to see her right away. Later that morning she met her big brother. At first he wasn’t sure what to think but eventually warmed up.

With her big brother and daddy.

I still had some issues nursing this time. She lost weight and I had to supplement from the first week. I was able to nurse much longer than the mere 6 weeks I had with K. She primarily nursed until I had gallbladder issues at 5 months postpartum.

Everything about this birth was easier. I still had to mourn the fact that I never had my natural birth, but I feel so fortunate to have my babies. This time around it was outside forces that caused all the stress. Our air went out in our apartment the day we came home with her. We ended up staying with Andy’s parents that night. We found out later that night that Andy’s aunt had died in a car crash. I was stressed and sore but coping much better this time around.

What surprised me was how quickly I fell in love with this new little one. It is hard to look at your first child and imagine that you could love another that much. I did and I do.

She is a little bit of spunk and sunshine. She growls and chases her brother. I love watching him give her hugs and teach her to play. He gets frustrated with her daily but he is a good big brother. He is dramatic, creative, and imaginative. She is smiley, laid back, and determined. They make a good pair.

My pretty girl.

Strawberry blond and big blue eyes.

Brother and Sister love!

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