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Spawn of Shelob

on August 9, 2013

Fridays are family breakfast/brunch date day. Usually we do something cheap like donuts on non-payday Fridays and something that involves actual plates on payday Fridays.

Today was a fancy Friday. We decided to go to Cracker Barrel. Yep… Extra fancy.

We’d ask K a billion several times to get his shoes from the play room. He kept telling us there was a spider. I finally took a break from trying to chase down E with Husband and went to investigate.

K is not the bravest kid. It took me a while to convince him he could hold a doodle bug without contracting a fatal disease. So, I expected to see a tiny run-of-the-mill house spider. We live in rural area in Texas… Spiders happen.

This is what I found:


Ok, so this is actually a picture of Aragog... But it is close!

Sweet nightmares! This thing was surely a descendant of Shelob, born from the depths of hell itself.


Husband: What’s wron… OH SWEET JESUS!

Me: Do not squish that thing in my house! Take it out and kill it!

Husband was temporarily stunned.



Husband the Brave battling the Shelob

Husband sprung into action, trapped it in a cup, and took it outside to vanquish.

K: I told you there was a spider…

Yes you did kid. Yes you did.

About that time something flung itself at me from behind the futon.


K: It’s a grasshopper mom.

I have become far wimpier during pregnancy…

We did eventually make it to Cracker Barrel. It was 11 when we got there. Husband and I pretended it was still breakfast time and soothed our frazzled spider battling nerves with pancakes. The kids chose macaroni.


Pictured: Why I wish E was clingier to daddy.

Mmm, slimy cheese covered toddler.

Happy Friday! I’ll have a Friday Favorites up later this evening, provided I’m not eaten by hell-spiders.

10 responses to “Spawn of Shelob

  1. Eeeeek! I had goosebumps looking at the spider on the photo! Thankfully the last photo made me smile! 🙂

  2. ladymelian says:

    Thanks for the early morning laugh! I hate spiders too! I remember when I was pregnant, I opened the boot of my car to get groceries out to find a giant ass huntsman sitting there staring at me!! I completely freaked out and stood in the driveway bawling my eyes out until hubby got home to kill it (only 5 mins thankfully)! I blame pregnancy hormones for that crazy reaction! Lol

  3. Valerie says:

    Bugs should not be allowed in the house!! Especially during pregnancy!!!!!!! 😉

  4. Bugs are so gross!!! I had a similar incident with a palmetto bug one day when I was younger (my parents had a palm tree in the yard so there’s no escaping those nasty flying buggers in humid Florida). I battled it in many non-traditional ways and finally emerged victorious. I still have the sign my friend made me that said “mighty roach warrior” to remind me that if hubby isn’t home, I can still handle critters….well, at least to some extent 🙂

    • Roaches are the worst! Especially the big water bug kind. We get those in Texas as well. I trapped a giant wasp today! I was getting into the shower and it flew out at me. I was home alone. I finally trapped it under a cup. Then I used paper to slide under the cup and taped the paper around the cup. The whole thing went into a ziplock… My husband laughed at me when he got home… Never under estimate a naked pregnant lady confronted when a bug!

  5. […] they have also been bringing less desirable critters indoors. Earlier this week we battled the huge Shelob spider. A few days ago I found a giant wasp in the shower. (Being home alone, naked, and pregnant is not […]

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