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Oh the tears…

on February 7, 2013

It is amazing how much you forget about being pregnant until you go through it again.

Sudden desire to sleep on back even though you aren’t supposed to when pregnant.

Lacking ability to hold in urine and sneeze at the same time.

Crying over everything.

Oh my, the crying. It shouldn’t surprise me by #3, but man it did. The lovely emotional roller coaster hit hard this morning.

Things that had me tearing up or crying today:
•A friend’s son had a seizure yesterday.
•I was up all night with K.
•The toilet paper roll was empty.
•We were out of Dr. Pepper.
•Thinking about how beautiful my kids are.
•E putting her hand in the toilet.
•K drinking out of my water.
•My mom bought me maternity jeans.
•I saw someone cry on a TV show.
•I couldn’t find my other shoe.
•I wanted cereal but all the bowls were in the running dishwasher.
•There was a picture of a kitty on FaceBook.
•I thought about Downton Abbey.
•I breathed.
•Sitting there.
•Having 5 minutes alone.
•My phone buzzing during my 5 minutes alone.
•Realizing it is ridiculous to cry over half the things that I cried about today.
•Making this list.

It has been a ridiculous day.

Don’t get me wrong, it really wasn’t a bad day. I just want to throw this out there for the pregnant moms.

Yes, crying over having to find tp is silly, but it is ok. Soldier on and don’t let it disparage you. Growing a human is hard, emotional work.

I absolutely love the pregnancy meltdown scene in What to Expect When You’re Expecting. It is so funny and true.

I also love how they refer to the perfect pregnant lady as a “magical pregnancy unicorn”. Don’t let the unicorn moms get you down. You are normal- cankles, hemorrhoids, and all.

10 responses to “Oh the tears…

  1. Valerie says:

    Aww, it’s so rough having crazy hormones!! ❤ But, hey, at least (•E putting her hand in the toilet. •K drinking out of my water) these weren't switched! 😉 Oh, and I have just found Downton Abbey and LOVE it!!! 😀

  2. I’m not even pregnant and I will cry over half of those things randomly throughout the day! Enjoy having an excuse! haha! (ps, it would be much weirder if you didn’t cry thinking about Downton Abbey) 🙂

    • True. Downton Abbey is a tear jerker. What to Expect has been my favorite movie lately but I bawl every time. I can’t watch the miscarriage scene. I fast forward through it and still tear up.

      • I haven’t seen that yet! Must put it on my list to rent because I keep hearing good things about it. I had a miscarriage between my 2nd and 3rd so I’m sure I will cry too! Really makes you appreciate the little things (and the little people)! 🙂

      • It is so funny! You should definitely rent it. One of the mom’s has a scary delivery moment and that scene made my husband cry. He said it reminded him too much of what happened with us. (I passed out on the table and my blood pressure got low when I had my son.)

      • isn’t it amazing how we can watch these things (and go through them) and yet, we’re absolutely ready to go through it all over again for another precious little one? The very definition of MIRACLE! 🙂

      • I watched the movie last night! I was definitely the Elizabeth Banks character during all of my pregnancies (minus the problems conceiving). I didn’t feel like I was glowing at all except from the hot flash sweats and I definitely did not sneeze my babies out like that other chick! Very funny! especially the dad group. My youngest is basically Chris Rock’s kid that is always getting hurt! haha!

      • I’m glad you liked it! My delivery had a scary moment a lot like Elizabeth Banks character. I felt like that too. Before becoming a mom, I was a Social Worker and taught parenting classes at a non-profit agency. (Not my own curriculum and mostly with court ordered people. It is fairy straightforward to say, “Don’t do drugs around your children.”) So I definitely got the whole pregnancy expert to a real mom thing. The curriculums I used were/are awesome, but real parenting is so much more than a book can describe.

      • so true! Nothing like the actual thing to make you a true expert! haha!

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