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Snapshots of Thanksgiving- Day 17

Day 17:

After trying to keep E from climbing things all day I started to go stir crazy. Daddy worked a short shift but went to work on the “Old House”. I love staying with my kids but I was beginning to feel isolated and was getting truly tired of vacuuming constant messes. I finally decided we had to get away for a bit.

I took the kids to the park I used to go to as a kid. It was a little farther than our usual parks but worth it. The old rickety wooden play ground has been replaced with a newer metal/plastic play ground but the bike trails were still there. I have many fond memories of riding my bike, wading in the creek, and hiding secret notes for friends in that park.

*taking a moment to marinate in nostalgia*

I am so thankful for public parks and play areas. I am glad that kids can have a place to go be kids.

Here is E riding a chicken:


E has no fear. She gladly climbed to the very tallest slide by herself. She makes me nervous and proud at the same time.


K is much more cautious than E. I was surprised and excited when he decided to climb the rock wall. He fell once, but tried again.


He also sat on a hanging tree branch.


He collected “treasures” while we walked. He gathered leaves, acorns, and rocks in his fireman hat. He poured them out in his bin to show Daddy when we got home.



My stellar parenting move of the day was leaving E’s shoes in the truck, which Daddy was driving. I decided E would be fine in socks on the play ground and could ride in the car wagon while we walked. When we got back to the car I realized she had been dragging her feet in the wagon and her socks looked like this:


We are tough on socks.

I’m just glad that my kids are able to get dirty, run, fall, climb, try again, slide, swing, collect treasures, enjoy nature, and just be kids!

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Adventure in Texas Hill Country

I survived my road trip with two kids!

We left yesterday morning on the scenic country route. The kids were amazing on the trip down. No crying, no messes, no fuss. Just a gorgeous drive.

I love Texas hill country. It is so awesomely beautiful. I love the red dirt and boulders peeping out between cacti and wildflowers. I love all passing all the farms and hills. I love the big Texas sky.

Spring is the best time to drive through hill country, but Fall comes in a close second.

My presentation went well. It wasn’t a huge group but we had a good time. I covered parenting tools and ideas for creative play. We had a few child care workers too.

The best part of this trip by far was getting to see my best friend. We were friends and our husbands were friends in college and now we have children that play together. I missed my sweet nephew and niece. I really wished they lived closer.

The kids had a blast playing together. Their son is almost 5 and their daughter is exactly one year older than E. They do really well together.

Yesterday afternoon we took the kids out to an area called The Slab. It is a big basin of granite riddled with streams and natural pools.

E decided to plop down in a puddle.

The boys climbing the “mountain”.

Playing the natural pools.

My friend and the kids playing while I took K to relieve himself. He got to pee outside. He was in boy heaven.

Simply beautiful.

The kids had so much fun.

After bathing some stinky, soggy children we loaded up for the long trip home. We took the boring main highway home. It is longer but has a lower threat of deer and more towns if we needed a break. The kids were out cold before we even left my friend’s driveway.

For how much I loved the drive down, I hated the drive home that much more. There were big trucks everywhere and I was so tired! I also had damp jeans from wading the pools and desperately wanted a shower.

We stopped once at a gas station. I managed to drop K out of the truck.

Poor kid…

Mother of the year over here. I woke him up and set his feet on the ground but he didn’t stand, he fell.

K and I finally went potty and got E changed. I let K pick out some cheese crackers and I got some coffee. The creamer machine mooed at me… I did not appreciate this. Oh, and E grabbed one of brother’s crackers and decided to paint her toes with it.

Luckily the coffee helped and K stayed away the rest of the way. We jammed to Imagination Movers for the remaining 3 hours of the drive.

We were very happy to see daddy. That sweet man had the house clean and all the laundry put away when we got there. He knows the keys to my heart. Cleaning beats gifts any day.

Showering and slipping into my own bed was glorious.

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