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Broken Ears and The Mean Mom

on October 21, 2012

Last Night:
“Please go get ready for bed.”
“K, please go potty and get ready for bed.”
“Oh my goodness! Look over there!”
“Oh, so your ears are working. Go get ready for bed.”
“… *sigh* Okay…”

“Are your ears broken? You haven’t been listening to mommy lately.”
“Yes, they’re broken.”
“Do you need to go to the doctor to get your ears fixed.”
“Yes. The doctor will fix my ears.”
“Okay, Let’s go to the doctor. she can give you a shot to fix your ears and we can take lots of naps too.”
“I don’t want a shot.”
“But I thought your ears were broken?”
“They are working now.”

Anyone else have broken ear days?

We’ve had a weekend of broken ears. K has decided to flat out ignore me on several occasions. I’ve had to be the mean mom a lot- imposing time-outs and taking away privileges.

It breaks my heart for my kids to miss out on things. I don’t like being the bad guy. It gives me absolutely no joy to have them miss out on the fun things we have planned.

(Ok, occasionally the toy taken away is super annoying and it might make me just a little happy to see it go for a while.)

As a Christian, I often wonder if God feels that way about us. Does it make Him sad to see us miss out on potential blessings because of our sin and stubbornness? Does He mourn when His plans for us are put aside when we go our own way? Parenthood has definitely brought a deeper level of thought to my faith.

This is K sitting in the high chair at Nonna’s today:

Despite urging and pleading he refused to eat his lunch today. He eventually ended up in the high chair because he would not sit up and eat like a big boy. He missed out on time playing with his cousin. Only when the choice became eat and go play or we would go home and nap, did he finally relent and happily scarf down his food.

It was all food he liked but he wanted to play instead of eat. I hope he learned that doing what you are asked the first time will get you what you want faster. Hopefully his little ears will heal this week and we can do all the fun things we like to do.

One response to “Broken Ears and The Mean Mom

  1. The conversation at the start of the post sounds very familiar.

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