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Kid Humor v. Parent Humor

on October 19, 2012

I find my kids to be hilarious. They also fancy themselves (and Daddy and Mommy) to be hilarious. However, what I find funny and what they find funny are very very different.

Things I find funny:
•K telling me our bank is called Bank of Captain America.
•E body slamming her big brother. (She finds it funny too but he doesn’t.)
•K singing “Soft Kitty” or saying “Bazinga”.
•Kids dancing. (Any kid. Low coordination + cuteness + dance moves = pure hilarity)
•K talking to the things we pass in the car using different voices.
•E trying to pick up a ball but accidentally kicking it away when she bends over to get it.
•The kids falling asleep in strange places.
•The way K says “yes I mam!” instead of “yes I am”.

Things my kids find funny:
•Watching mommy chase them out of the bathroom holding a towel around her while conditioner runs into her eyes.
•Rolling and giggling while mommy changes a poo diaper.
•Daddy’s exasperated plea for them to stay seated in the bathtub.
•Tooting, someone else tooting, or any talk of tooting.
•Shoving the baby monitor antenna in mommy’s mascara and painting sister with it.
•Splashing in the toilet.
•Trying to pick mommy’s nose when she is sleeping.
•Emus. K cracks up at the word and pictures of the silly birds.

Things grandparents find funny:
•Watching your kids chasten your grandkids for doing the exact same things they used to do.
•Pretty much everything the grandchildren do.



7 responses to “Kid Humor v. Parent Humor

  1. kzackuslheureux says:

    So true!

  2. Good post – inspired lots of head shaking. It sounds like they are terrorizing you.

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