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A day in the ER

on October 13, 2012

I promise my kids aren’t sick all the time, dear friends. It is just starting to seem that way.

E threw up again last night. At 3:30am she woke me up. A chorus of “mom mom mom mom” came across the monitor. It wasn’t screaming but I could tell something was wrong.

She was feverish but it wasn’t time for more meds yet. I brought her to our bed. I think we finally drifted off around 5:00am. Daddy left for work early and K jumped in bed with us at 6:00am.


By 6:30am I could tell my sleep time was up. I checked E and she was burning up. A quick check put her temp at 104.1•f. (Eek!) She was listless and seemed so sad.

Motrin, a cold compress, and a cold bottle of Pedialyte were quickly put into action. While trying to bring her temp down, K started whining about everything.

“I’m firsty!”
“Your juice is on the table.”
“I don’t want juice!!”
“Then don’t drink it…”
“But I’m firsty!”
“You can choose to drink the juice or choose to stay thirsty.”
“I’m hungry!”
“Mommy doesn’t make breakfast until the morning. The sun isn’t awake yet, so it isn’t morning yet.”

This went on for a while.

An hour later E’s temp had only gone down to 102.5. I called the after hours nurse line. They told me to take her to the ER.

6 hours, one chest X-ray, one catheter, 2 shots, and many tears later… She has a bad urinary tract infection. Poor kid. I’m just glad the shakes she has been having where from the pain and being cold and not a febrile seizure. She most likely did have a cold or bug earlier in the week when the rest of us were ill but the UTI took over.

She finally ate a tiny bit of bread this evening and had her first bit of milk in almost 3 days. She played for a little bit and we got a smile out of her. She is still pretty clingy but improving.

K just has allergies and general 3 year old grumps. He is spending the night with his Nonna, Gan (great grandma), and cousins.

Sleep tonight? I hope so!

Pitiful and tired of waiting:

They gave me shots!

Beautiful despite feeling bad:


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