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The Bear and The Big Boy Card

on October 12, 2012

There is a bear in my house today. This little bear started terrorizing the citizens of our fair home last night. It wails and gnashes its teeth. It gets into mommy’s make-up and paints things with mascara. It pushes sister and refuses to listen to mommy.

We thought we had gotten over our colds from earlier in the week… We were wrong.

Yesterday E’s volcano impersonation signaled round 2 of the yucks. Fevers, stomach issues, and grumpiness for all. Last night K had trouble sleeping and his mood reflects this.

I have been trying desperately to get him to nap. I am exhausted and I know he needs the sleep. Round 2 hit E and I the hardest and I cannot express how much I want to rest instead of wrangle a 3 year old. I decided to pull the big boy card.

“You can either lay down and rest like a big boy or mommy will have to treat you like a baby. I’ll get out a diaper and rock you to sleep and sing to you.”

Being a big boy is huge to K. The big boy card is usually pretty effective.

Big boys eat their green beans to get strong.
Big boys listen to their mommies.
Big boys have to be nice to their sisters.

Apparently bears don’t care about the big boy card. However, I have learned to never make an empty threat. After about five rounds of laying him back down I scooped him up, put a pull-up on him, and snuggled him up.

“Mommy I’m upsad with you!”
“You are sad and upset?”
“Yes! I’m so sad!!!”
“So is mommy. I gave you many chances to rest like a big boy, but you wouldn’t. You may have your big boy underwear back after you rest. If you don’t rest, you don’t get them back until tomorrow.”

After one huge fit, I finally have a hibernating bear on my lap. Now I have to lay him down. My guess is that E will wake up as soon as I move him. Moms do not get a break when everyone is ill.

Here is the bear:

Ok, that is actually him as an Ewok a couple years ago. The Ewok in this picture was far more pleasant than the bear in our house today.

I should add that I was crying by the time I finally got him asleep. Nothing was getting through to him! He was so wound up that he just wouldn’t go down. I don’t usually let my kids upset me that much but all I really wanted was to crawl into a dark hole and sleep off the headache burying under my right eye.

I guess the moral is to not make a threat you won’t follow through with. Sometimes we get worked up and say things we probably won’t do. I told him I’d treat him like a baby, so I did.

2 responses to “The Bear and The Big Boy Card

  1. That big boy tool is powerful.
    I like the way you start off by calling your son a bear – good visual. For some reason, it made me think of M. Sendak.

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