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A Public Notice…

on September 17, 2012

This is a public notice to my family:
If you, dear ones, do not return DVDs to their proper cases, you will experience full motherly/wifely wrath.

Our wireless router died this week. No router means no Netflix on our Wii. It also means watching movies. Our TV isn’t going all the time, but we do watch a little.

K requested Cars 2 this afternoon. In my search for it I discovered at least 6 empty cases piled up on the DVD player.

Where are these DVDs going?

Is the same black hole that eats socks going after them?

I start checking all the cases while fighting off E, who is pursuing DVDs like a starved jungle cat after the last steak. I match about 20 movies back to their original cases. I finally find the Cars 2 DVD behind the entertainment center with dust, an old remote, and a few other movies.

Really dear family? Setting a DVD on top of the entertainment center to be knocked off sounded like a better plan than taking two seconds to return it to the case?

I set E by her toys for the millionth time and get ready to put it in when I hear, “Mom, I need new pants!” from the bathroom.

I discovered K had leaked on his underpants and gotten water all down the front of him. After showering my begrudging preschooler, I was urging him to get dressed while E protested from the living room.

“Put your underpants on, please.”
“I don’t want Batman underpants! I want Va-vengers!”
“Fine. Here is Ironman.”
“No, I want Thor or Pawk-eye!”

After an angry 3 year old hissy fit, his choices then became taking a nap naked or putting on the underpants and taking a rest.

All because of DVD negligence people…

Don’t we have some left over birthday cupcakes around here?

Hurry up and nap my little darlings.

One response to “A Public Notice…

  1. myssmeowl says:

    So funny! And stressful, lol. My bro has a tendency to take out a dvd and put it in the case of the dvd he’s putting in. I’ve lost several of my movies this way.

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