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Sleep deprivation rears it’s ugly head

on September 6, 2012

I’m pretty sure every parent has lived this scenario:

You are sitting and talking to a friend… a childless friend.

Maybe they are married. Maybe they aren’t. They could be a student. It doesn’t matter.

Suddenly they start telling you how tired they are. Working overtime, studying, late night with friends, just not sleeping well- again it doesn’t matter. They have suddenly become public enemy #1.

You put on a polite smile but the few non-fried neurons you have left are screaming.

Really? REALLY?! You want to talk about tired? Are you sure friend? I don’t think you want to get into it with me about tired. I have kids. You can’t even begin to understand tired. Tired is trying to put a dirty diaper in the fridge and leaving the baby’s bottle sitting on the hood of the car. Tired is not getting a full night of sleep for months on end. Tired is hearing “mommy” for the billionth time in a two hour time frame. Tired is being a human tissue every day. It is being covered in snot and having Cheerios in your hair. Tired is getting comfortable and snuggled down in bed and then hearing a squawk come across the monitor. Extremely tired is when you are so out of it you try to nurse the pillow in your sleep when you hear the squawk from the monitor. So do you really want to tell me how tired you are?!

Hopefully, you don’t really say this to your childless friends.

There is a lesson in this though…

Not-yet-parents/not-planning-on-kids folks: Take it easy on your friends with kids. The patience they used to have is gone. It gets used up on the kids. They just don’t have much left for regular people. Cut them some slack and remove any stickers or cereal they may have stuck to their clothes. Avoid comments on the dark circles that have taken up permanent residence under their eyes.

Parents: Cut your childless friends some slack too. They just don’t know. Their lives are tiring too. When you were in college, you griped about staying up for a week during exams. You probably complained about lack of sleep plenty of times during your pre-kid years and, if you are reading this, I’m guessing no parents shanked you for it.

Remember to love each other!

Today I actually did bring a diaper to the kitchen with me… Oh, and I managed to put a huge dash of cayenne pepper into the pan today instead of cumin. My kids are almost 1 and 3 years, imagine someone with a newborn.

3 responses to “Sleep deprivation rears it’s ugly head

  1. I have had the thought and also thought – why are you so busy?

  2. lauren h says:

    this is great…I will cut those with kiddos more slack!

    • Thanks! It is funny though, I had an elder from my church tell me, ” Honey you think you’re tired now? Wait till you get old.” I guess we go through different seasons and levels of tiredness.

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