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I am Mom, watch me find it.

on September 4, 2012


We have a strange phenomenon that takes place in our house on an (almost) daily basis. It baffles my husband and son.

You see, when something is lost in our house, it becomes invisible. It just ceases to exist. Poof! Gone. No one will find it…

Except Mom. I have a super power. I see the lost things. I hone in on them with some sort of freakish echolocation.

Andy has decided it must be some sort of weird black magic. He opens a drawer, nothing. I open it and pull out the exact shirt he wanted.

The same thing happens with K.

“Mom, where is my cup?”
“Look in your room.”

A few minutes later:
“I can’t find my cup!”
I open his door. It is right there.

It is frustrating on my side of the equation too. I love being needed but being the designated finder does take a toll on my nerves. You know, the whole great power/great responsibility thing.

Although I do prefer the super power theory to the alternative- my family having selective blindness.

6 responses to “I am Mom, watch me find it.

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    Ahh yes. This morning, “I CAN’T FIND MY SHOES?!!! I LOOKED EVERYWHERE! I AM GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!” yep shouting and panic had ensued. Of course I did the “Are you kidding me? How in the heck do you not know where you put your shoes.” Walk upstairs they are in the middle of his clean bedroom floor.

  2. Mariann says:

    Hahaha! I have the same power!!! 😉

  3. thecleverspender says:

    Haha! We had the same thing this morning! “I can’t find my phone!” A half hour was wasted looking for the phone. Where did I find it????? Right on her bed! LOL!

  4. auntie k says:

    hahaha yes this is so true! Mom’s know where EVERYTHING is!

  5. thecleverspender says:

    Reblogged this on The Clever Spender.

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