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Avoiding Family Meltdowns

on August 16, 2012

Most of the time only one member of our family needs a time-out. E may need a nap. Mommy or Daddy is having a grumpy day. K is being a typical 3 year old…

Those days are fairly easy. It isn’t easy to have a grump in the house, but you can let that person have a time-out to get themselves under control.

The hard days are the ones where the whole family is on the verge of meltdown. Today is one of those days for us.

K went to bed later than normal but still popped up at 6 am. He has been whining and refusing to listen all day. He also managed to spill yogurt all over the living room.

Poor Daddy was waken up by a 3 year old yelling at his sister for having the toy that he put in her hand. Daddy and K have been going round and round all day. Both are equally stubborn and equally grumpy. K does something minor but then refuses to listen to Daddy’s correction. This makes both Daddy and K angry.

Today E is 11 months old. I tried to get a few good pictures of her but was thwarted at every turn. E just wants to play and climb and explore, but is in need of a morning nap.

Who me? Wiggle too much? Never!

11 months old today! I got exactly 2 pictures that weren’t blurry before she took off.

I have 5 million things to do around the house today before Andy leaves for work this afternoon. I have dishes to do, laundry to fold, and I need to work on a cake later. K and Andy are grumpy at each other, E needs a nap, and I am at my wits end.

Some days it is the whole family that needs a time-out.

I finally declared a cease fire and sent everyone to separate corners. E is napping, Andy is resting, K is playing trains in his room, and I am folding laundry by myself and blogging from my phone.

Yes, things still need to be done.

Yes, behavior issues need to be addressed.

It can wait. We had to stop the escalation of hurt feelings and frayed nerves.

When your family is on the verge of an all out meltdown- take a break.

Call a cease fire. This means suspending consequences for a while so everyone can cool down.

Find something quiet for everyone to do. If the kids are old enough, send them to play in separate rooms. Keep TVs off and cut down on noise levels.

Use your quiet time to pray. Pray for your little ones and spouse. Pray for patience while teaching them. Pray for the words to say.

When everyone has had a while calm down, address behavior and teach children how to respond better in the future. If you lost your cool, apologize to your child. They need to know you are accountable for your actions too.

Every family has difficult days. You are definitely not alone.


I found K’s Hulk underwear while folding and thought it summed up this morning perfectly.

***Note- If you find yourself in a place where you fear you may harm yourself or you child, please please please seek a safe caregiver for your children and cool down. Try searching your area for local agencies that offer free counseling, parenting classes, or anger management classes. There is not shame in seeking help. Please do what is right for your family!

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