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Edible Dirt Play

on August 12, 2012

K is super into construction machinery. His favorite show is Mighty Machines and he talks to every piece of machinery we pass on the road.

It only follows that he has also become enamored with dirt. He wants to dig dirt and play in it all the time. Unfortunately, we live in an apartment that doesn’t have a good dirt play area. We also live in Texas and it is often way too hot to play outside anyway.

I decided last week to make some dirt that he could play with indoors. I threw some flour and oatmeal on a pan and let him play with his work trucks in it. He decided he needed some water to make mud. Eventually we added food coloring and he made mud pies in an old lid. He had a blast.

Making mud in his work site.

He raided the kitchen for scoops to make mud pies.

Today I decided to let Baby E in on the dirt fun. I put glass stones, flour, oats, raisins, coco powder (to get more real dirt color this time), scoops, small toys, and other goodies into our play tub that we use for sensory activities. I ran a shallow bath with a blue color tab and plopped the bucket in the middle.

The set-up.

Playing in their dirt bath. (Underpants/swim diaper worn to prevent “dirt” in the nether regions.)

Both kiddos hard at work.

I’m glad all elements were edible, because she had to taste it. (10 months old.)

They had a blast. K wore his underpants and E wore a swim diaper to prevent “dirt” in undesirable places. Our mix was totally safe for E to try, and she did! Both kids had a regular bath after they finished playing.

In retrospect, I will probably omit raisins in the future. They added texture but didn’t go down the drain well or the disposal well.

Edible Dirt:

  • flour
  • coco powder
  • oats

Just add water for mud!

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